Free training for all frontline staff

Making Every Contact Count (MECC) & Motivational Interviewing

Find out how to use your opportunities to interact with local people to:

  • Raise the issue of healthy lifestyles

  • Promote benefits of healthy living

  • Signpost to further support




Main issues discussed include: Alcohol, Healthy Eating, Healthy Weight, Physical Activity, Smoking Cessation and Mental Health.

These behaviours are most closely linked to the development of long term conditions and/or contribute to the life expectancy gap in Haringey.


  • Overview and understanding of what MECC is

  • Awareness of the benefits of MECC

  • Understanding of the underpinning principles of MECC and it’s impact in Haringey

  • Knowledge of the options and models of training

  • Awareness of basic health components of MECC, including messages on smoking, healthy eating, physical activity, alcohol consumption and mental health awareness

  • Ability to identify points of resident contact when and where to provide with health information, advice and guidance


One You Haringey, Reed,  20-22 Bernard Road N15 4NE.

AM sessions: 9.30 to 12:30

PM sessions: 13.30 to 16:30

Full day: 9.15 to 16:30


March 2018: Tue 6th – PM [FULLY BOOKED]
April 2018: Thu 5th – AM
June 2018: Mon 4th – PM
September 2018: Mon 3rd – PM
November 2018: Thu 1st – AM
January 2019: Mon 14th – AM
March 2019: Mon 4th – PM

Motivational Interviewing

February 2018: Mon 2nd – Full day [FULLY BOOKED]
March 2018: Tues 27th – Full day [FULLY BOOKED]

May 2018: Mon 14th – Full Day
July 2018: Mon 2nd – Full Day
September 2018: Mon 24th – Full Day
November 2018: Mon 5th – Full Day
December 2018: Mon 10th – Full Day
February 2019: Thu 7th – Full Day

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